Belly Dancers

Belly Dancers For Hire

Dare to be dazzled by our enchanting belly dancers who will captivate your audience by incorporating fire into their performance.

The routine is essentially focused on isolating different parts of the body and moving them in dynamic sensuous patterns, which weaves together the graceful feminine form. Performed barefoot, our dancers emphasise their connection to Mother Earth and combine many accessories, such as swords, candelabras, and flaming candles, to produce captivating performances.

Whether you are planning a large corporate event, a private party, a wedding, or a hookah lounge, our entertainers are at your disposal. Our belly dancers will add to the atmosphere of every event! Hire a solo dancer or a group for your event, who are dressed in lavish custom-made costumes and capable of performing many different techniques originating from various countries and cultures around the globe. Our repertoire includes authentic Turkish, Lebanese, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Latin, Bollywood, and folkloric themes and choreographies, with international music to follow.

Professional Belly Dancers

Some of our best belly dancers can create a custom performance tailored to your needs and preferences with choice of props, colour schemes, styles, costume designs, and, of course, your favourite tunes. Each belly dance performance can also include audience participation or workshops for those eager to learn more about this torso-driven traditional dance.

Contact us today to embellish your event with our world-class belly dancing service!

Desi Nach offer a diverse range of song choices, themes, costumes and bespoke entertainment packages that event organisers and wedding planners are able to choose from exclusive to their event