Led light performers

LED light performers

If you want to raise your event to a whole new level, whether it’s private or corporate, try incorporating light into the program to create a magnetic feeling of wonder.

Our LED light shows are all the rage as this year’s party entertainment, our dancers’ high-energy performances will literally light up your venue.

Visually stunning and performed under darkness, your guests will be amazed by this technically simple use of light attached to dance costumes, which can transform any body movement into a captivating illusion. Leave your audience wide-eyed as our dancers perform their choreographed routines in garments emitting vibrant sequenced colours, giving the entire evening a futuristic touch.

LED light dancers

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our expert dancers will gladly respond to your requests in transforming your event into something dynamic, modern, and out of this world.  

Desi Nach offer a diverse range of song choices, themes, costumes and bespoke entertainment packages that event organisers and wedding planners are able to choose from exclusive to their event