Bollywood Dancers for Hire

Image of 3 bollywood dancers performing in UK.

Bringing Bollywood to Life

Desi Nach – an award winning bollywood dance group

Bringing Bollywood to life through their high energy performances and a perfect mix of East meets West. Performing to some of the most popular classics as well as modern favorites, it’s no surprise that Desi Nach have been awarded Wedding Entertainers of the Year 2016 and 2017 for the exquisite wedding entertainment services offered.

Company founder Amber, having grown up in the Punjab, has passed on the true essence of Bollywood to the team, whose passion for dance is felt in each performance, as they sing along and perform to some of Bollywood’s greatest hits.

Branching out also to offer a wide variety of other entertainment acts, Desi Nach will endeavor to meet your entertainment requirements and combine a package that will be unmatched by other groups on the market.

Desi Nach
Bollywood dance demo

Unique quality: many of our team, though European by birth, have lived in Pakistan or India and have developed a deep understanding of the culture; this is certainly brought to the fore in each Bollywood performance

Desi Nach offer a diverse range of song choices, themes, costumes and bespoke entertainment packages that event organisers and wedding planners are able to choose from exclusive to their event