Fire Dancers

Fire Performance

Add a wow factor by incorporating our daring fire dancers into your event. This is both a standalone act or can be added to an existing entertainment package.

Prepare to be amazed by our dancers who are trained in creating stunning visual and motion effects by manipulating fire. Their performances are executed both as choreographed and freestyle routines with skills based on baton twirling, poi spinning, juggling, welding torches, hoops, umbrellas, and other forms of object handling.

Our talented girls incorporate a variety of fire equipment and dances in their live performances, thus creating repertoires ranging from traditional and ritual fire shows to modern exotic shows with elaborate costumes, theatre, and music, each according to your preferences.  

Fire Performers

Rest assured, our fire performances are carried out with necessary safety precautions, including careful use of props, fuel storage, and appropriate use of space for minimising risks.

Desi Nach offer a diverse range of song choices, themes, costumes and bespoke entertainment packages that event organisers and wedding planners are able to choose from exclusive to their event